Play it safe

The fms devices work perfectly together and offer secure interfaces to third-party equipment such as taximeters. This results in innovation combined with reliability.

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Play it safe

The fms devices work perfectly together and offer secure intefaces to third-party equipment such as taximeters. This results in innovation combined with reliability.

Suitable Vehicle Equipment_graphics

DBG Operating Devices

  • Experience immediate transmission of the order data

  • Insist on user-friendly operation and top-quality design

  • All operating devices have been developed for being used with mobile equipement

In the context of a Samsung partnerhip, we have developed a family of devices for you, designed especially for mobility purposes. The fms family consists of 3 mobile operating devices (DBG Xcover Pro, DBG Xcover 5, DBG X800-3) with different characteristics.

The integrated Samsung Knox function is the decisive asset, with dispatching exclusively available on the operating device. All additional functions and applications are configured via the fms dispatch system providing the dispatch centre with complete control of the entire fleet.

  • The DBG Xcover Pro is characterised by its big display. Equipped with a 6.3″ HD+ display, the DBG Xcover Pro fits for all vehicles and is protected against dust and water (IP68).
  • The DBG Xcover 5 stands out through its sturdiness. It is dust and waterproof (IP68) and designed as anti-shock device. A well-designed 5,3″ HD+ display completes the stylish operating device.
  • The DBG X800-3 is very much appreciated for its big display. The 8″ TFT screen provides for a sturdy protection against active shocks as well as against dust and water (IP68).

smartHUB X2

smartHUB X2_Grafik
  • Connect the fms devices with a minimum effort
  • Realise the basic digital recording without additional devices
  • Make use of GPS tracking also offline

The smartHUB X2 is a flexible control centre in your vehicle connecting the various fms components and the different taximeters. When purchasing the vehicle, the smartHUB X2 is available with a pre-fitting package. Use the smartHUB X2 as follows:


smartHUB X2_Grafik
  • Track the status of your fleet in realtime

  • Use the taxameter status in your dispatch

  • Install a hidden emergency button for your drivers´ enhanced security

Using the TSDmini, you have a reliable overview of cars available for new trips in your fleet. Very easy cabeling secures a minimum installation and service effort. You can dispatch a car when

  • the TSDmini has power (12V),
  • the TSDmini has a bluetooth-connection to the fms DriverApp (which tells you the driver is in the car) and
  • the TSDmini´s status line is in “free” mode.

Receipt Printer

  • Choose between permanently mounted or the mobile version with a battery

  • Save time thanks to the automatic connection with the driver app

  • Benefit from the simple handling of the printer

The DPT200 mobile receipt printer impresses with its speed and reliability. It comes either pre-mounted in the vehicle or is also available with a battery for mobile usage.

The DBG operating device is responsible for the connection the receipt printer via Bluetooth. Thus, receipts can also be printed if there is no complete network coverage at the destination address. The receipt printer prints the receipts with a QR code acc. to the legal regulations.


  • Count on the secure handling of card payments
  • NFC-enabled device for all major card providers
  • Create customer satisfaction through cashless payments

The Miura card reader with a console for entering the pin code is powerful, small and handy. The fms pinpad comes with a special car mount.

Just like the receipt printer, the connection with the DBG operating device is established via Bluetooth. The pinpad is automatically connected and characterised by its reliability and simple handling.

Pre-Fitting in the Vehicle

Pre-fitting in the Vehicle_graphics
  • Save time and money even when ordering the vehicle

  • Get a tidy vehicle thanks to the optimal arrangement of the devices in the car

  • Benefit from a speeded-up change of vehicles

Your smartHUB X2 can be mounted in the glovebox or in the boot.

With the fms pre-fitting package, the wiring for the electricity supply , the smartHUB X2, the printer, the PIN-Pad, the integration of the taximeter and the CAN-Bus have already been installed in the factory by the major taxi manufacturers.

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