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Has the fms system been designed in modules?2019-05-13T09:30:22+02:00

Yes, the  fms system is based on a modular structure. This means that you can flexibly choose your modules acc. to the requirements of your dispatch. All modules are constantly updated and tailor-made for the requirements of modern mobility services.

Is the fms dispatch system scalable?2019-05-13T10:16:47+02:00

Yes. Our smallest customers with  10 vehicles appreciate the reliable fms dispatch system just like our biggest customer with about 6,500 verhicles. The simple and reliable scalability contributes considerably to the succes in business.

Where are the limits of the fms system?2019-05-13T09:31:57+02:00

There are practically no limits for the fms dispatch system thanks to its modular design. Based on more than 2,000 configuration parameters, we adapt the system to your individual requirements for you to administer your vehicles, drivers, regular customers, fare partners, billing partners etc. In addition to this, you are in control of your fleet and dispatch attributes and have access to comprehensive statistics .

What are the pros of the vehicle devices by fms/Austrosoft?2019-05-13T09:32:28+02:00

The joint development of both software and hardware components is one of the big advantages of the fms system solution. All vehicle devices have been perfectly adapted to the requirements of the driver and are outstanding thanks to  the safe and accurate working method. fms/Austrosoft also closely cooperates with third-party providers in the industry  to get the best solutions possible for you.

How do booking channels affect taxi orders?2019-05-13T09:33:07+02:00

As a rule:  the more booking channels, the more taxi orders and with digital booking channels, the costs per order are lower. Using the fms dispatch system, you can also use  innovative and modern booking channels like the  app or online-booking in addition to established channels like the autobooker or the phone .

Which types of fleets can be dispatched with the fms system?2019-05-13T09:33:37+02:00

Our customers include taxi dispatch centres, rental car and coach companies as well as courier services. The fms system can also be adapted to the mobility service acc. to the requirements profile; almost without any limits. Whether dispatching individual rides, dispatching tours in shuttle services, route combinations with several sharing passengers or airport shuttles: fms/Austrosoft always offers the best solution for your success in business.

Is there support by phones2019-05-13T09:34:09+02:00

Yes, because  sometimes a personal chat is more important than a written communication. If it is a matter of urgency, the 24/7 support is at your disposal.

What experience can fms/Austrosoft provide?2019-05-13T09:34:38+02:00

For more than 35 years, we have been active as system providers for dispatching services. Together with our customers, we are constantly updating the fms dispatch system  permanently offering innovations based on extensive experience.

Why is fms/Austrosoft the number 1?2019-05-13T09:35:10+02:00

The complete integration of dispatch, billing and telephony is the decisive advantage for your success in business along with the perfect interplay of all vehicle devices and a reliable allround support. Thus, we offer you an unbeatable complete system from one source.

Which values are behind the actions of fms/Austrosoft?2019-05-13T09:35:53+02:00

Our partners and customers are in the focus of our actions. For them we combine experience, reliability and the realisation of innovations. We rely on honest interaction based on partnership with customers, suppliers and business partners because sustainable succes for all is based on mutual confidence.

What is the fms academy?2019-05-13T09:36:19+02:00

The mobility industry never stands still. We started the fms academy to continually provide our customers with up-to-date information. You can benefit form the following contents:

  • info on current software developments in the fms system
  • info on current hardware developments with vehicle devices
  • downloads of instructions
  • downloads of installation files
  • downloads of forms
  • we plan to establish a forum for a content-related exchange of all members of the fms community
How can I join the fms academy?2019-05-13T09:36:52+02:00

All our customers get automatic access to the fms academy per email containing  a member name and a password. You can log in via this starting page .

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