Europe´s #1 Mobility Platform Innovator

We are fms/Austrosoft. We are a privately held technology group covering development, technology operations, customer consulting and first class support.

We are innovating mobility booking and dispatch since our foundation in the 80ties, when we launched the first direct dial autobooking solutions. Since then, we are constantly expanding the digital capabilities of the industry.

Built on the foundation of the most powerful dispatch system for both big cities and the countryside, our innovations cover fully automated dispatch, billing, VoIP call center including latest bots and agent AI, digital channels ranging from multifunctional APP to WEB to various autobooking technologies, B2C and B2B propositions, and driver equipment exceeding function by features.

Customers of fms_Austrosoft_graphics

The overall customer journey is key for a happy repeat customer. This is why the brand-new fms Callbot Agent AI takes the caller from analog call to analog trip linked by a digital service journey!

Business Service must deliver digital control from access to booking to payment to settlement to book-keeping. The driver is crucial for a happy repeat customer vs. dissatisfied alternative seeker. Full digital integration and fiscal requirement coverage, easy information access and driver security features for mobility delivery must be the driver`s fingertip.

Our technology links everybody, any channel, anytime, anywhere and any partner, with any mobility requirement being operated on the fms mobility platform. Service expectations are different between different target groups. The fms mobility platform provides direct realtime link for everybody.