Number 1 in Europe in dispatching rides

Austrosoft® Weiss Datenverarbeitung was founded in Vienna in 1982. A direct-dial system for regular customers – a predecessor of today’s autobooker – marked the starting signal of becoming European market leader in end-to-end solutions for mobility services in fleet management.

In 1986, the first taxi of today’s taxi dispatch centre 40100 & 60160 was equipped with a data transmission terminal and a display, and converted to data transmission dispatching. In the 90-ies after a couple of years of simultaneous voice and data dispatching, the last voice dispatch vehicle moved to data dispatching. Today, the fleet comprises 1,800 vehicles and is still the market leader in Vienna.

Customers of fms_Austrosoft_graphics

As early as 1989, additional Austrian dispatch centres were contracted followed by Germany and Switzerland in 1991. In 1995, already 16 dispatch centres used the reliable fms system. In the following years, five to ten centres joined annually and today more than 165 dispatch centres in 11 countries operate with the scalable fms  dispatch .

In 2001,  fms GmbH was founded by management buyout and with active support of Austrosoft® Weiss Datenverarbeitung GmbH. To this day, the close cooperation of the two companies has guaranteed new dynamic developments in the field of fleet management. Customers have put their trust in the direct tuning of various hardware and software module resulting in a modular end-to-end system which is unique on the market.

The smartness of the comprehensive solution goes far beyond simple feature lists but provides the users – agents, drivers, hotel receptionists, private customers, taxi entrepreneurs or heads of dispatch centres – with the best possible support and automatisation in their fields.