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Linz Taxi 2244 gets lucrative additional rides

The innovative taxi centre from Austria implements a zone fare model with the fms system in just one day and now offers delivery rides to the doorstep

Since November 2020, the Linz-based taxi 2244 has been offering delivery taxis to business customers and passengers. The first business customer and initiator was a restaurant that offers excellent food but does not have its own delivery service. The delivery service should be implemented in one day. Robert Neuhold showed that this is possible: the quick implementation could be done cause of the flexible and powerful dispatching system from fms/Austrosoft for fleets of any size.

Several 100 additional orders per month

Especially in times of the pandemic, every order is important for the taxi industry. Therefore, when the owners of the renowned restaurant “Liebhaberei” asked for a delivery service, the operations manager at the Linz-based taxi centre immediately seized the opportunity for an additional source of income. “The most important issue was the rapid implementation of delivery rides throughout the Linz city area,” Robert Neuhold recalls.

He immediately started to create a tariff model. “The bigger challenge for me and my team was setting up the zones. The realisation of the delivery service in the dispatch system and in the taxi app was then done in just one day,” Robert Neuhold sums up and adds happily: “Since we’ve been offering the delivery rides here in Linz, we’ve been able to do several 100 additional orders per month.”

Simple and easy: 3 zones, 3 prices

The delivery rides will continue to provide additional income for the Linz taxi dispatch centre even after the pandemic. For this purpose, the city of Linz is divided into three zones in the fms dispatching system. “Each street is assigned to a zone. When an order is placed, the system immediately recognises in which zone the pick-up address and delivery address are located and calculates the delivery price,” explains Robert Neuhold.

In addition to the calculated zone price, there may be a surcharge for excess weight and waiting times during collection. “Regarding the pricing, we can definitely keep up with the established meal delivery platforms,” the operations manager emphasises and continues: “The managers of the “Liebhaberei” are very satisfied with our service. As a next step, we will do additional marketing for the delivery service.”

About the fms dispatching system

The Linz taxi centre has relied on the fms system as an dispatching platform since the beginning of its business operations. The system is perfectly designed even for smaller fleets like the one in Linz. It can be configured very individually and countless functions can be mapped, which are of essential importance especially for taxi centres in medium-sized cities. The motto of the fms system: “Make it happen!”

About Linzer Taxi 2244

Taxi 2244 is a subsidiary of CC Taxicenter GmbH in Vienna, the ride company with the greatest and longest experience in Austria. Successful on the market for over 55 years, CC Taxicenter GmbH arranges fleets in Vienna (Taxi 40100, approx. 1,800 cars), Linz (Taxi 2244) Salzburg (Taxi 2220), Wels, Villach, Eisenstadt and in many other communities. In Linz and the surrounding municipalities, the most successful ride sharing taxi system (AST) in Europe has been operated for many years with thef fms/Austrosoft dispatching software and in cooperation with Linz AG – a sensible and environmentally friendly form of modern mobility. Environmentally friendly mobility also plays a major role at Linz Taxi 2244: already 40 per cent of the fleet are “green”, i.e. hybrid or e-taxis – and the trend is increasing.


  • Dispatch System: fmsServer
  • Display System: Xcover4 for Driver
  • Payment System: PIN-Pad for credit card payment
  • Intergration System: smartHUBX
  • Order System: Call center, Automatisation, Direct dialing, Autobooker, Webinterface (API), Customer app, Business portal

Robert Neuhold (Linz Taxi 2244)

„The realisation of the delivery service in the dispatch system and in the taxi app was done in just one day.“

Robert Neuhold, operations manager at Linz Taxi 2244, quickly implemented the fare model for the delivery taxi.

Zonentarife in Linz

The prices of the delivery taxis in Linz are based on the zone tariffs.

Graphical zoning in the fms dispatching system.

Bild: Smartphone mit Boten-Taxi

In addition to order via the call centre, Linz Taxi 2244 also offers the option of ordering a delivery taxi via the taxi app.

© fms/Austrosoft, © Linzer Taxi 2244/Hannelore Kirchner- Pictures released for printing

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