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Taxi 444 offers employee trips for Zurich companies

Using the business portal mobility solution from fms / Austrosoft, the innovative Swiss taxi center has a lucrative market in focus.

Taxi 444 AG has been a reliable mobility partner in Zurich for 27 years. Around 480 drivers and over 250 vehicles are today on duty around the clock, 365 days a year, for people in and around Zurich. The range of offers is extensive and is constantly being adapted to new needs. From eco to luxury vehicles and from tandem to child transport, any mobility customers are covered.

“Service is our top priority,” explains Daniel Bienek, CTO of Taxi 444, referring to the variety of products and tariffs being offered, which are aimed at the special needs of passengers especially their own regular customers. “Customers want price transparency at different tariff levels,” says Bienek, referring to the end-to-end integration of tariff settings using the vehicle equipment from fms / Austrosoft.

In order to consistently continue to operate this service-oriented line, Taxi 444 AG’s range of business and employee trips for corporate customers was expanded two years ago. “Since the introduction of the business portal for an international customer, we have been able to increase travel orders by 42% for the company”, emphasizes Daniel Bienek.

Business portal for different industries

Bienek has recognized that there is a great need for tailor-made offers for handling business and employee trips. Today, established companies such as the five-star Hotel La Reserve, the law firm Bär und Karrer, the Swiss Epilepsy Foundation, Nomura Bank Switzerland, REGA Switzerland or large companies in the consulting sector are among the satisfied customers of Taxi 444 AG.

“Our goal is to help those responsible for mobility and at the same time to make business and employee trips more efficient,” says the CTO, referring to the good cooperation with corporate customers. In adapting the business portal to practical needs, Taxi 444 AG successfully cooperated with fms / Austrosoft and an international consulting company in Zurich.

From handwritten receipts to digital collective invoices

The innovative Swiss taxi center worked with the mobility manager of a consulting company, who manages around 400 employees, on the introduction of the new business mobility solution. “Before the company used online orders and the business portal, the employee orders were made by telephone”, remembers Daniel Bienek and adds: “The collective invoice for the trips was made using credit notes that were filled out manually in the vehicle and had to be processed manually on both sides.”

From 2016, Taxi 444 initially started with a virtual customer card for billing via the customer app. After the relaunch and further enhancements of the customer app, the individual cost center administration, personnel numbers, favorites, POIs and tariff selection were introduced in order to fully cover the requirements of the consulting company. “One of the needs of the employees was that they could store regular drivers in the app. This increased confidence in our service, ”emphasizes the CTO of Taxi 444 AG.

With the business portal, both the business customer and the taxi dispatch center achieve considerable time savings and thus cost savings. Daniel Bienek says: “We were able to use our employees around 30 hours a month for other activities, as no paper receipts had to be processed, filed and sorted.” The mobility manager now receives a monthly collective invoice via the business portal – clearly as Excel and PDF -File. In addition, the online order overview helps to evaluate all trips and the associated fare.

Get in, get out, done

Looking at the continuously increasing sales numbers it is proven that the mobility solution is well accepted among the customers´employees. “Since using the business portal, we have made 39% more sales because the company bundles its travel services with one provider,” analyzes the CTO of Taxi 444 AG.

For the mobility officer in the company, it is important that all employees order through the specified provider and that each employee does not use their own transport service provider as before. In total, that was around 20 providers before. And for employees to accept the offer, it has to be quick and the process had to be optimized. “Order, get in, get out, done”, the innovator from Taxi 444 AG sums it up and adds: “With just one good tool like our business portal, business customers don’t need any other tools for their mobility requirements!”

Relief for agents in the call center

The direct entry of travel orders by the employee in the customer App makes the ordering process more precise, efficient and faster. In some cases, telephone orders previously required additional research by the agents, since the caller speaks indistinctly or gives imprecise information.

The agents in the call center also benefit from the digitization of the order channels. “Before we made the business portal available, employees ordered twice as often via the call center than via the online channels.” That has changed. “Now we have 7 times more orders through the online channels than through the call center,” emphasizes Daniel Bienek. This relieves the agents in the call center and Taxi 444 remains competitive thanks to flexible and innovative offers.

About the Business Portal Mobility Solution

Regular customers of taxi dispatch centers include companies who want to handle their business and employee trips reliably and, above all, cashless. The business portal is the B2B solution of the fms / Austrosoft customer portal. It allows those responsible for mobility in a company to issue travel authorizations to employees, order journeys and keep a close eye on mobility costs. The control options for the entire mobility service in the company remains in the hands of the mobility manager.

“With two clicks you can register an employee, send him a link and the employee is entitled to use transportation services at company costs”, explains Martin Trenkwalder, CTO at fms / Austrosoft, the ease of use of the business portal. Split into different cost centers, the journeys can be ideally managed and all participants in the mobility process have a transparent view of the current mobility behavior. The billing of all employee trips with the taxi dispatch center is carried out using a collective bill that the business customer can access online via the business portal.


  • Dispatch System: fmsServer
  • Display System: Xcover4 for Driver
  • Payment System: PIN-Pad for credit card payment, contactless payment with QR code (own acquiring)
  • Intergration System: smartHUBX for taximeter integration
  • Order System: Call center, Automatisation, Direct dialing, Autobookder, Webinterface (API), Customer app, fms Callbot, Business portal

Daniel Bienek (CTO Taxi 444 AG)

„Since using the Business Portal we have increased our turnover by 39%“

Daniel Bienek explains the features of the Business Portal

Screenshot of the order interface from the Business Portal.

Screenshot of the order overview from the Business Portal.

Screenshot of the invoice overview from the Business Portal.

The customer-app interface for business and employee-rides of the swiss company REGA

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