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Driving with Mr Schwarz pays off

The Viennese taxi chauffeur with passion brings the best service to the street with the help of Belegdruck from fms/Austrosoft.

Thomas Schwarz has been in the taxi business for 30 years, driving a black Skoda Superb through Vienna since 2019 and he runs his one-man business with conviction and passion. This leads to the fact that his customers describe him as a chauffeur or gentlemen driver as well as the first-class service he offers.

For him, this includes simple things such as an all-round well-maintained vehicle, reading material and hygiene articles in the rear area. At the passenger’s request, he also offers a wide variety of music such as jazz, classical music or blues. He also gains sympathies with small gestures such as welcoming a woman at the airport with a rose or holding the car doors open for the passenger. “My goal is to bring more class as well as the best service to the road,” emphasises Thomas Schwarz.

Belegdruck – when you are in a rush

In April 2017, when the introduction of the cash register obligation started, Thomas Schwarz enriched his service with Belegdruck solution of fms/Austrosoft. ” At the end of the ride when it comes to pay and you have to park in the second lane, it has to be quickly,” smiles Thomas Schwarz and emphasises the few work steps with Belegdruck. To make it so fast, the taxi was equipped by fms/Austrosoft with a taximeter connection, a receipt printer, an Belegdruck App and a PIN pad. “It doesn’t get better than this,” says Schwarz who sees the regulation not as a burden but as an opportunity to further improve his top service.

Right from the start Thomas Schwarz decided on the full equipment and he ordered the permanently installed receipt printer, the knoxed DBG Xcover operating device with the Belegrduck App, the smartHUBX for vehicle tracking and taximeter connection as well as the integrated PIN pad for cashless payments. At the end of the ride, the fare of the taximeter is automatically taken over to the Belegdrcuk App. If the passenger wants to pay by credit card or ATM card, for Thomas Schwarz it is just 1 click on the operating device to transfer the transaction to the PIN pad. The passenger holds the card to the contactless NFC reader on the PIN pad and enters the appropriate PIN code. “This means that the ride is paid so quickly without cash and I can immediately move on to my next job,” adds the limousine chauffeur.

Strengthen relationship with regular customers through digitalisation

For his more than 200 regular customers, Thomas Schwarz also offers his services on account. For this purpose, he uses the module “Delivery notes & invoicing” in his Entrepreneur Portal. “At the end of the month I print out the collective invoices and send it to my customers”, the entrepreneur is pleased about his saved time.

Thanks to the well-linked overall solution, Thomas Schwarz can dedicate more time to his passengers and has lesser effort for billing, accounting and organisation. He can view all his rides well-arranged in the Entrepreneur Portal and thus he can obtain a good overview of his business activities. And if an audit by the tax office is pending, he simply hands over the legally required data acquisition protocol to the official with the touch of a single button.

Excellent support is a big plus

Thomas Schwarz offers best services and of course he requires best service as well. And for the limousine chauffeur this does not stop with the purchase of a product. He also wants to be perfectly accompanied and looked after during the ongoing business, as requirements are constantly growing. “Especially in these times, when our industry is in the middle of the transition to digitalisation, you need a strong partner at your side”, emphasises Thomas Schwarz.

That’s why fms/Austrosoft is also the right partner for him regarding the cash register solution. “The support team is unique, totally helpful and open to all new ideas and suggestions,” he says to the fms/Austrosoft team and adds: “I’ve never seen people reacting so quickly when problems arise.” For fms/Austrosoft and Thomas Schwarz, the good partnership is a win-win situation.

About Belegdruck

The taxi driver either enters the invoice amount after the end of the ride into Belegdruck App or takes the fare directly from the taximeter. The Belegdruck App captures the receipt data and sends it to the fms fiscal server, which issues the receipt and digitally signs it in accordance with the cash register security regulation. The signed receipt is saved with the QR code in the data acquisition protocol of the Entrepreneur Portal and is printed out via the Belegdruck printer in the vehicle. In Austria, a taximeter is not necessarily required for issuing the receipt.

The Belegdruck App works on every smartphone starting with Android version 4.4.0 or iOS 8. However, Thomas Schwarz has decided to use the DBG Xcover from fms/Austrosoft because it guarantees a smooth operation: “If I use the Belegdruck App on a smartphone while a call comes in, it can happen that the payment process would be interrupted”, Thomas Schwarz explains his decision and adds: “The possibility of using an own smartphone (DBG Xcover) as an operating device for the cash register is something only fms/Austrosoft can offer”.

Via a secure access to the Entrepreneur Portal, Thomas Schwarz can view and manage his documents comfortably – digital archive included. Here, the entrepreneur not only has an overview of the transactions carried out with the data acquisition protocol according to the Federal Fiscal Code (BAO), but he can also export the data to an external data carrier at any time and hand it over to the tax consultant.


  • Product System: Belegdruck
  • Display System: Xcover3 for Driver
  • Payment System: PIN pad for credit card payment
  • Integration System: smartHUBX for taximeter connection

Thomas Schwarz (CEO)

„Especially in these times, when our industry is in the middle of the transition to digitalisation, you need a strong partner at your side.“

Thomas Schwarz has been a successful chauffeur in Vienna for 30 years.

The service concept with a well-maintained limousine Skoda Superb L&K pays off.

A permanently installed receipt printer with DBG Xcover in Thomas Schwarz’s cockpit. He appreciates the advantage for easy handling when he takes orders with his own smartphone while doing the payment with the DBG Xcover of fms/Austrosoft.

At the end of the ride, Thomas Schwarz prints a receipt for the passenger with the Belegdruck printer.

Thomas Schwarz offers a clean vehicle with clothes hangers and reading material for the passengers.

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